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ClimEtSan-OnTheGround is an impact-oriented company, which develops and implements climate projects, mainly in the Global South. We work in close cooperation with local communities and do not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but additionally improve environment and living conditions.

About Us

In 2022 ClimEtSan-OnTheGround was founded by Dr. Katharina Prost on basis of the outcomes of the ClimEtSan-Project, a capacity-building and research project.

For Forschungszentrum Jülich, Dr. Prost was until 2021 project coordinator of the ClimEtSan and the IN³-ClimEtSan-Project, which investigated methods to connect ecological sanitation, thermophilic composting, biochar and climate-smart agriculture in Ethiopia. Katharina Prost has studied Agriculture at University of Bonn and did her PhD in the field of soil science. She has expertise in soil science, composting, biochar, (organic) agriculture and geoarchaeology. 

Our Work

We are using an integrated approach of pyrolysis cooking stoves, eco-toilets, compost and regenerative agriculture for developing and implementing climate projects. 

Scientific consulting

You have consulting needs for planning and implementation of (scientific) projects on regenerative agriculture, circular economy and biochar technology?

Please feel free to contact us.

Project Management

We plan, develop and implement sustainable climate projects in the Global South. Here we combine ecological sanitation, composting, biochar technology and regenerative agriculture. 

Ecological Sanitation

Public and private eco-dry-toilets are the ecological sanitation solution we implement in our partner countries. Instead of water, you flush with sawdust. This prevents odors and allows the full buckets to be stored until we collect them to compost them at our composting sites. 


Thermophilic composting of substrates from ecological sanitation, biochar and organic waste is our solution for the production of organic fertilizers. During thermophilic composting the mixture is heated up to 80°C. This kills pathogens and transforms the material into nutrient-rich biochar compost.


We use NOAH pyrolysis cooking stoves developed by our cooperation partner PRO LEHM. These pyrolysis stoves use 60% less wood than the traditional way of cooking, burn smokeless and produce biochar as a by-product. Together with PRO LEHM, we build stove workshops in rural areas. Here we train young people and produce and distribute the stoves.

Regenerative Agriculture

We are disseminating regenerative agricultural practices. For this purpose we cooperate with German research institutions and universities as well as with agricultural research institutions and smallholder farmers in our partner countries. Biochar-compost fertilization, species-rich crop rotations, water management, erosion control and organic agrilcuture are elements of the cultivation systems we practice.



ClimEtSan-OnTheGround was established in 2022 through the initiative of agricultural engineer Dr. Katharina Prost as a spin-off from the ClimEtSan project of Forschungszentrum Jülich. The project on "Capacity-Building in Ecological Sanitation and Climate-Smart-Agriculture in Ethiopia (ClimEtSan)" explored the application of ecological sanitation and pyrolysis cooking stoves to produce compost in the context of climate-smart agriculture in Ethiopia from 2017-2021.

Others about us

December 2022

ClimEtSan-OnTheGround is mentioned in the Annual Report of the City Administration of Bonn.

January 2023

We would like to thank for the nomination for "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes".